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April 29, 2016
9.2.2 version released
Changed: Computer Monitoring. Keyboard. Performance optimizations.
What's New

September 22, 2015
9.2.1 version released
Added: Computer Monitoring. Internet: Sites. Support for Microsoft Edge browser Windows 10.
What's New

August 4, 2015
9.2 version released
Added: Monitoring categories. Sort data on the column click.
What's New

October 21, 2014
9.1 version released
Added: Computer Monitoring. Internet: Sites. Support for Opera (Blink). Versions 15, ... 24, 25, ...
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April 22, 2014
9.0.8 version released
Fixed: Computer Monitoring. Files. An error message may be displayed when you insert or remove CD disk or DVD disk in some cases.
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April 21, 2014
9.0.7 version released
Changed: Computer Monitoring. Processes. Performance optimization.
What's New

February 27, 2014
9.0.6 version released
Changed: Tools. Every tool runs a single instance.
What's New

December 11, 2013
9.0.5 version released
Fixed: Computer Monitoring. Processes. Optimized performance for multi-user mode and terminal servers.
What's New

September 26, 2013
9.0.2 version released
Changed: Monitoring categories. Internet: Processes. Information on incoming and outgoing traffic is updated for the current TCP connections.
What's New

August 30, 2013
9.0.1 version released
Added: Monitoring categories. Internet: Processes. Amount of bytes sent and received for each process (application). Supported Windows Vista, 7, 8 or later.
What's New

April 23, 2013
9.0 version released
Added: Monitoring categories. Activity. New "Intensity" parameter. This parameter shows how intensively the user worked in periods of activity and can be a value from 1 to 10.
What's New

November 14, 2012
8.7.6 version released
Added: Data export. Statistics. The ability to export statistics for all monitoring categories.
What's New

October 29, 2012
8.7.5 version released
Changed: Monitoring categories. View data. The order of the columns changed. Columns, reflecting the main content of the operation moved to the first position.
What's New

April 23, 2012
8.7 version released
Added: Tools. Statistics. Added new types of statistics for all monitoring categories.
What's New

February 6, 2012
8.6 version released
Added: Tools. Reports. Database Name.
What's New

November 30, 2011
8.5 version released
Added: Edit. Data Filter. Internet: Sites.
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Computer Monitoring Software
What is StatWin and Why You Need It.

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Why StatWin Is Perfect for Corporate Information Security.

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Articles - What is StatWin

What is StatWin and Why You Need It

Information security is one of those things that require constant attention. Thousands of various events occur on your computer every minute and not all of them are harmless. You definitely should pay heed to who and when was working on your computer, what applications were running, what e-mails were send, and what sites were opened.

Advanced computer monitoring

StatWin will take care of your information safety. This full-functional product offers advanced computer monitoring and statistics for all major events that may take place on your personal computer. Events the program tracks include all running processes, keys pressed, websites opened in a browser, local net resources accessed, connected USB devices, printers and many, many more.

Wide range of applications

The scope of possible application of StatWin is virtually limitless: monitoring daily activity of all users logging into a computer, checking what your spouse does, parental control over children, monitoring colleagues and so on. All actions performed by any user of the computer are accurately stored, so you can build a report on any given period and see what was happening then.

Conveniently, all actions a user can perform monitored by StatWin are divided onto groups, so you can filter them by type to display say office applications and processes only, or social network websites only, or keystrokes sent to an e-mail client etc. Needless to say, all data are filtered by users too, by default.

Here are some examples of StatWin usage:

  • Easy Internet activity monitoring. While there are many ways to track user activity in the Internet, StatWin provides the most complete set of tools to monitor every single event. It monitors Internet traffic, tracks ports and protocols used to access resources, saves browsing history, shows which applications are accessing the Web.
  • Powerful applications launch tracking. StatWin monitors all launched processes, both those having an explicit window and those running in the background.
  • User activity control. Whether a user moves a mouse or types something on the keyboard, StatWin thoroughly writes this down and provides a detailed report when you ask.
  • Compare work/idle times. Due to ability of StatWin to track keyboard presses and mouse moves, and to see what applications are active, you can easily see what programs were utilized during a given time period and did the user actually worked in them or not. StatWin determines idle time when no keys are pressed and the mouse isnít moved for a certain time.
  • See what files were opened during the work session. StatWin transparently monitors what files are being opened on the computer during the work session, regardless of what program they were opened in.

Why choose StatWin

To summarize all said above, StatWin provides vast capabilities to boost the security level of your personal computer and your level of awareness on what is happening on it every minute. All types of user activity tracking, the steep learning curve and the full support for Windows make StatWin possibly the best choice among computer monitoring software.